Chowking recognizes Filipino Success


“Basta tama ang pinangagalingan ng lakas, makakatikim ng tagumpay.”

Indeed, nothing can get in the way of inspired, driven, and hard-working Filipinos. And beloved quick-service brand Chowking recognizes that. As a continuation of its 25th year anniversary celebration, Chowking raises the bar even higher and takes on the pivotal role of enlivening the spirit, fueling the passion, and nourishing the dreams of the millions of success-driven Filipinos.

Already with a wide range of delicious, great value chef-inspired Chinese meals, Chowking, the leading Chinese quick-service restaurant in the country, refuses to rest on its laurels. As they strongly hold onto being the foremost brand in the business they go all out in launching a refreshed image, a new generation of brand advocates, a new logo, and an array of new menu offerings – all in part of their role in inspiring the working man’s journey to success, for themselves and for their families who inspire them.

Chowking Marketing Head Francis Flores shares “We want to position Chowking not only as a brand that serves quality and modern Chinese food, but also a brand that enables the working man to achieve success and share this same success with their loved ones.”

As Chowking sets out to create a deeper connection with their millions of patrons, Chowking gets into the heart of their desires and cravings. Flores expounds, “These working adults are the ‘balanced success seekers’ who are the responsible sons and daughters, motivated to provide a better life for their family. Chowking, on the other hand, serves as an inspiration for these individuals to succeed as they are fueled by great value Chinese rice meals, dimsums, desserts and beverages.”

Chowking’s new brand mantra ‘Tikman ang Tagumpay’ encapsulates in a few yet meaningful words what Chowking passionately stands for. With over 25 years of the best-tasting Chinese meals, Chowking takes the brand further where good food becomes a fuel in their pursuit of triumph and heartfelt joy and gratitude through shared meal-time experiences with the family.

Together with carrying out the brand’s re-launch, Chowking then introduces their latest offering, Tender Beef Broccoli. The hard-working Pinoy is in for a taste of success with a new rice meal na may kumpletong sangkap at kumpletong sarap that comes from choice beef slices, rich oyster sauce, and freshly-cooked broccoli – affordable at just P99 with a drink, or P125 as a lauriat with pancit canton, chicharap, fried dumpling, buchi, plain rice and a drink

Accompanying this milestone, Chowking gathers great inspiration from chosen brand advocates who all best exemplify their new brand positioning. And as Chowking Marketing Director Edward Arandia shares, “We selected five outstanding individuals who commonly share compelling success stories. These outstanding individuals: Jericho Rosales, Gerald Anderson, Kim Chiu, Bea Alonzo, and CNN Hero of the Year Efren Penaflorida Jr., were once ordinary people who all dreamed extraordinary dreams, and persevered to turn these dreams into reality, for themselves and for their families.”

In their latest campaign, Chowking captures the life stories of these individuals who underwent obstacles, painstakingly faced adversities, and overcame all barriers to reach what seemed insurmountable. In a sea of mediocrity, they excelled because of a certain indescribable hunger to satiate their own drive to give not just themselves but their families better lives as well.

Arandia notes, “It is very heartwarming to discover the humble past of these people. Their struggles and journey to the top were founded on such noble values. Today, they all shine not just as stars, but as true inspirations for millions of people in the country today who also long to uplift their lives. And as inspirations, their stars shine even brighter. And that is why they were all chosen to be the best spokespeople of our mantra ‘Tikman Ang Tagumpay’. They just don’t believe in our mantra. They live and breathe our mantra. They are living proof that with the right ingredients, nothing is impossible.”


To say that actor Jericho Rosales’ beginnings were humble is an understatement. He’s had a very tough life from his childhood. He worked odd jobs such as helping his mother sell fish in the market to delivering pizza just to earn an extra buck or two.

By the end of his teenage years, however, he took the initiative to make more out of himself. He went out of his zone and thrived, eventually winning Mr. Pogi in Eat Bulaga, which was only the start of greater things ahead.

Today, after more than a decade of honing his craft, he is considered as one of the most talented and multi-faceted actors in the business. However, it doesn’t end there. With the same arresting charm, Jericho perpetually drives himself to be even better, foraying into various sports, music, visual arts, and advocacy work. He shares, “There are so many things to learn and explore. Why should I stop? I crave for that constant propensity to evolve and diversify. If life were a race, I’m definitely far, far, far away from reaching the finish line.” He continues that “each time I overcome a challenge, it is always nice to have that favorite hearty meal to look forward to. After all, refreshing the taste buds is somehow refreshing yourself as a whole to get you ready for another day of hard work.”


Hailing from Cebu, Kim Chiu pursued her studies and played her role as student, sister, and daughter with simplicity and modesty. She garnered numerous awards in school, but never really made the stark difference she dreamt of – especially to her family, longing to help a little more than she can. The surprising tipping point came when she was included in the roster of PBB’s Teen Edition.  She recounts, “What started as a fun audition with friends at SM Cebu, I never realized would be a life-altering experience.”

After winning the PBB Teen Edition series, it would have been easy to fade away. But Kim Chiu was resilient and determined. Her endless energy and overwhelming spirit can barely fit into her petite frame.

Mild-mannered and soft spoken she maybe, but Kim took the bull by its horns – enduring so much for a girl her age.

But she worked her way up, proving her personality and talent worthy of the people’s vote. And no surprise that she has earned the right to be called “one of the most bankable and in-demand actresses of her generation.” As the youngest in the family she also closely shares a special relationship with her sisters. Kim fondly shares that “Whatever fame I hold, I owe it to my family. And no better feeling can take the place of going home to your sisters and sharing with them that feeling of true success.”

The stardom of Kim Chiu may count for a lot to Kim Chiu. But what stardom truly afforded Kim Chiu was a heartwarming tale she shared the first Christmas after winning PBB. She recalls, “Our Christmases have always been very simple. We go to mass. We dine on whatever simple meal we have. Then that’s it. So my first Christmas after PBB, I spent it with my family, and gave them the feast and gifts we all always longed for. It is that kind of Noche Buena that we have not experienced in years, full of good laughs and of course, good food! That was a magical moment in my life. From then on, I realized the deeper meaning of success.”


“Not knowing your place in this world,” Gerald Anderson shares, “is probably one of the toughest things for a child. Gerald knows this well because he actually didn’t know where he was headed either, prior to entering the PBB Teen Edition.

There’s a cliché though what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…well, Gerald Anderson is living proof of that. Shuffling back and forth the Philippines and the US during his childhood, Gerald learned to cope with the difficult setup he was born into. At a young age, he realized, he had to be self-sufficient and independent.

He had to learn how to be responsible and accountable…when what kids his age all cared about were playing videogames or hanging out in the arcade. Now that he is in the limelight, he continues to stay true to his roots. He continues, “A lot has changed in my life since Pinoy Big Brother, but whatever success I have now, I am very thankful for it. But sometimes, the demands in the business are tough and you can’t avoid being stressed. So to cope with all these, I do things that recharge me like enjoying my favorite meal.

These experiences strengthened his resolve, and made a man out of his boy. And without even knowing it, was embarking on a journey to achieving a purpose-driven life. There is no secret to Gerald’s heart for the needy: spending his birthday with cancer patients, and even going as far as putting his own life at risk to help save lives at the height of typhoon Ondoy.

He maybe deemed as primetime TV’s drama-action prince, but learning to live a purposeful life, shaped by his difficult conditions during his youth, is what truly makes Gerald Anderson not just a reel-life hero, more importantly, a real-life inspiration.


Bea Alonzo dreamt beautiful dreams, one made up of fairy tales and happy endings. When the young Bea awoke, she realized those were all but a dream.

But that did not stop Bea from pursuing those dreams. She joined beauty pageants after beauty pageants – even taking tricycles in her homemade gowns, if only for the thrill of being a princess for a day.

A stroke of luck gave Bea the break she longed for. During one of those beauty contests, she won 2nd runner up and caught the eyes of judges Oscar Peralta and Archie Iligan who encouraged her to join Star Circle Batch 10. When she was not able to make the cut, Bea carried on and persisted.

She joined Star Magic where she signed a six-year contract. Her career had a very slow and frustrating start. But eventually, she managed to emerge with sophistication and panache. The next thing she knew, she was capturing audiences with her unrelenting talent; garnering multiple acting awards and a legion of adoring fans.

“I credit my mom for my success. She gives me strength, love, and encouragement, guiding me through the demands of my career,” Bea smiles. “I even remember those moments I had with my mom every after successful gig or taping, we would always long for our favorite dishes. And each time I receive my paycheck, my mom is the first person I go to so we can share a nice meal together.” After all, Bea continues. “Success is nothing if it is not shared.”


Efren Penaflorida Jr. pushed himself to the limits, if only to make a small difference. After winning the prestigious global recognition of CNN Hero Of The Year, the small difference he was aiming for grew bigger than this humble Cavite-born fellow could ever imagine. It was an achievement so overwhelming and unanticipated, Efren shares, “because all I really wanted was to teach a few kids.”

Born and raised in the slums by a tricycle driver and a housewife, he completed elementary and high school through scholarships.

Realizing from experience the need to divert the youth away from street gangs towards personal development, he formed Dynamic Teen Company at the age of 16.

He went around the streets teaching children using a “pushcart classroom”, while receiving two college degrees with highest honors. No matter how trivial the act, he felt it was his mission to do something for the impoverished and uneducated children that surrounded him. Efren lived with the morals and values instilled in him by his parents. Because of this, he became naturally caring and thoughtful of others especially to kids, treating them like family. “Whatever little we had, we always make it a point to share it with our kids. Like with food, we find a way that everyone gets to eat. And in return, whatever I share with them gives me that drive to continue sharing with them the mission I was set out to do”.

His God-given intelligence was well and good; but it was the purity of his heart that made all the difference. And not only did he capture our hearts, he captured the hearts of millions from all over the world. All because of a simple kariton…

These are the stories that inspire. These are the stories that Chowking stands for. And these are the future stories the brand hopes to hear more of as they motivate more Filipinos to go for their dreams. As Arandia summarizes, “So they, too, can achieve their goals. We hope Filipinos will want to forge on para ‘Tikman Ang Tagumpay’.” And in one’s journey to success, Chowking constantly makes every effort to create delicious and enjoyable Chinese food to rejuvenate and reward a hardworking person’s taste buds. Similarly their great tasting food fuels every individual to work even harder not only to provide a better life for themselves but to also share their meaningful success with their family.

With a slice of inspiration, a pinch of strength, a dash of burning desire, and a sincere heart to share, Chowking is firm in its mission to feed success that is worth celebrating and sharing.

With more than 400 stores globally, guided by 25 years of expert knowledge and experience in the foodservice industry, Chowking makes it possible for Filipinos everywhere to share their heartwarming tales that nourish the mind, body, and soul.


  1. Dandi Carao says:

    Please look into this.

    An hour ago, we dined (supposed to be) at Chowking Upper Session Road.
    I first noticed that the stores spoon and fork is very greasy, meron pong visible na namuong mantika. I complained the store for greasy glasses before. So instead of using the stores spoon and fork, I asked for disposable spoon and fork instead.

    When our order arrived, I again noticed solid grease on my bowl’s rim. I was so hungry that time so I just wiped it out with tissue. When I stared eating, the vegetables were too cold! Very disappointed, I approach the manager, I showed my order, complained about the cold vegetable, and I also had the chance to complain about the solid grease, already wiped it, pero meron pa ring solid na mantika sa gilid ng bowl, I even took picture of it.

    Very disappointed, we left the store without getting our order back, we didnt eat anything.

    Before we left, I approach again the Manager and asked for the store code, the Manager gave us store code 1586, when I texted the number to complain, the store code was for Batangas branch. So I came back again to ask for the store code of Baguio Upper Session Road, the manager refused.

    I will never go back to this store again.

  2. gary aperocho says:

    i had this worse experience sa chicken nila… may dugo pa yung chicken.. have this picture on my facebook.. check it out

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